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2022 Champion Roller $19,500

2022 Champion Roller $19,500

2022 PRO XS chassis with IMCA body.
What the Champions race in! $19,500
Install your engine. Then go WIN!
What you get in Champion roller form.
2022 PRO XP chassis is with modlite body.

NEW for 2022.
*   Front bumper new design.
*   Nerfs new design.
*   Rear bumper mounting points changed . No longer go under rearend..
*   Front nose is now wider and stars legal.
*   Choice of PRO or NXS front clip.  NXS Front clip is bolt on front clip with forward
     mounted lower control arms and uses NXS chassis  Front spindles, hubs uppers           and lowers are new design. The spindles use same winters QC  hubs, bearing etc..       Uppers are more easily adjusted.
*    Pro Front clip is bolt on and main rails have been raised for better protection of             motor. And is wider in nose in order to meet Stars rules.
*   Steering rack is bolt on and can accept either 2 bolt front mount or 3 bolt bottom           mount racks.
*   Steering column is now able to be mounted directly in front of the driver and
     is fully adjustable. Steering wheel can be moved front to back, left to right and
     to fit the drivers prefernces.
*   Trailing arm chassis bracket are bolt on and lengths are adjustable.
*   Fuel cell is adjustable left to right.
*   Smaller battery is used and is relocated.
*   Tube on left rear added for forward of rear axle shock mounting.
*   Welded in bolt for seat belt mounting makes it much easier to install belt.
*   Lower motor mount is bolt in, each motor has its own mount available. No more            cutting out old mount and welding in new when you decide to change motor.
*   All thrugh holes in 1 x 2 rectangular tubing are slugged for support and stops tube        from being crushed.
Complete all items listed in below Budget Plus roller form PLUS the following items.
Choice of Kirkey or Ultra shield seat we stock is full containment.
Wiring for fan and battery,
All plumbing and brake lines and fitings for brakes.
Cooling lines and fittings up to motor.
Oil lines and fittings up to motor.
Shifter linkage choice of hand or foot clutch.
Throttle and clutch cable.
Standard QuickCar oil and water temp gauges.
Standard QuickCar ignition and Acc switch panel.
Standard QuickCar master disconnect.
All needed nuts bolts, washers, spacers to install parts.
We build is $19.500.
Custom options available at additional cost.
You will need an engine and all its components. Depending on motor and
what additional item you install onto the motor, you can expect to spend on
average another $4000 to make the car race ready.
And last is our service after the sale.  We WILL make sure you have the parts and at a fair price, when they are ever needed.  We stock over $250,000 of mod lite and dwarf car parts.
We Will help you on setup, the best we can.
We Will work to help you with any tech or support question you might ever have.
Budget Roller $14,5000  or  Champion Roller $19.500
What you will get as a budget roller:
Chassis/ bumpers, nerfs, battery strap, fuel cell straps, steering column
bracket, seat bracket all powder coated. Choice of standard color.
Body complete, choice of white, red, blue, black or yellow panels.
4 Hoosier Stars tires
3 Tru regular rims 8 or 7 inch
1 TRU beadlock rim. 8 or 7 inch.
4 choice of standard valving on bilstein or BSB shcoks and coil over kits.
Complete installed DMI rearend with  hubs, spacers, birdcages, 3rd link mounts, etc. installed.
DMI pinion plate and driveshaft yoke installed.
Panhard bar installed.
Trailing arms installed.
Steering rack installed.
Tie rods installed.
Upper, and Lower control arms installed
Front hubs with bearings, seal, studs etc installed.
Spindles complete and installed. Your choice of style spindles.
All pinch clamps installed for complete car.
All rod ends for complete car installed.
All radius, tie rod, support rods for complete car installed.
And last is our service after the sale.  We WILL make sure you have parts when they are
ever needed, and at a fair price. We stock over $250,000 of mod lite and dwarf car parts.
We Will help you on setup, to the best we can.
We WILL work to help you with any tech and support questions that you might have.
Or you can upgrade to BUDGET PLUS ROLLER. that will include along with all the above
budget roller parts.  
4 rotors, 4 calipers, 4 sets of brake pads. and caliper brackets.
Brake and gas pedal assembly
NXS steering column and steering column fully adjustable mount .
Quick release and choice of 13" or 15" steering wheel'
Afco radiator with Spal fan.
Oil cooler.
All needed nuts, bolts, washers and spacers to complete installation of parts.
And last is our service after the sale. We Will make sure you have the parts when they are
ever needed, and at a fair price.  We stock over $250,000 of mod lite and dwarf car parts.
We WILL help you on setup, to the best we can.
We WILL work to help you with any tech or support question that you might have.
You will need your own Engine with all its components, Seat, Driveshaft, Plumbing, Electrical, Battery, Cooling lines, Brake system lines,  Switches, and Gauges. shifter and linkage, cables, ETC..
The new owner can now use their own creativity, skills, personal preference, and other parts to finish the car to their liking.
We have learned there are so many different options such as gauges, switches, and lines that are available.
Not every driver likes the same parts.
Now here is the chance to use what you like and install how you want.

Chassis and Body

Pro XS Chassis with IMCA body.  Frame, Body, & Bumpers.
All mounts.
Ready for powder-coat.$6,450.00
With Powder-Coat,,$6,950.00