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2014 Lighning Chassis with 2015 Pro bolt on front clip. Comes with NEW Black Body Panels. Car was raced 4 times and wrecked in front end. We then replaced the front clip. We will be powdercoating the front end red to match. $2700.

2014 Pro Chassis with White body panels. Car was raced 1 time and was wrecked and bent rear clip. Previous owner straightened rear clip some. But still has slight bend to rear clip. Owner raced 6 times after rear clip bend and won 4 of those 6 races.  Bend doesnt affect the car.  Car also has a dent on front clip tube but is not bent.  We do have a new rear clip available if a new owner would like to purchase rear clip seperate or have it installed.   Car as its sets with panels is $2400.

2006 Leader Chassis only.  We plan to have a body made for this car in the near future.   Car has been reclipped at one point.  very front bumper crossmember has a slight bend to it.  Chassis can use some paint.  Chasis only as shown $1400.