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Viper Tach

Viper Tach

Viper Tach
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NEW- Viper 1100R has multiple race views - choose the display that is best for you. Use the traditional display (pictured above) or a new display that features a graphical bar tachometer and larger digital water temperature readout. (pictured to right). Makes it easier to keep a close eye on your water temperature.


0-20,000 RPM Digital Tach w/ High RPM, Shift Light and Water Temp

Affordable, Easy-to-Use, Feature Rich are all adjectives that have been used to describe this great little electronic tachometer. The orange backlit display makes it easy to read the numerical and bar graph tachometer. Program the shift light to come on at the desired RPM so you need only watch the tachometer out of the corner of your eye while on track. The unit also displays water temperature and has a programmable high water temperature warning light. Several other features like Max RPM recall and a battery monitor make it a great addition to your racing car or race vehicle.

Digital Tachometer (configurable from 0-20,000)

The 0-20,000 display makes the unit ideal for motorcycle powered race cars with higher reving engines. Also features programmable pulse timing for use on most all engine manufactures.

Tachometer displays both LED & bar graph with Orange Back Light

While LEDs can be difficult to read while the driver is busy driving, the bar graph provides a quick visual reference. Orange backlit display provides for easy night time viewing.

Read out of highest RPMs for the session

After your session is over you can easily go back and review the highest RPM reached for the session - an invaluable tool for dialing in on your gearing.

Programmable shift light

Another great visual reference, the unit allows you to program a red light that flashes when you hit the desired RPM. This makes it easier for the driver to judge if he/she is hitting the desired RPM at the right portion of the track.

Water temperature display with adapter

Water temperature can be displayed on the same screen as the tachometer read-out. Allowing driver to view one display rather than many.

Programmable warning light for water temp

An alarm light can be programmed to displayed at the desired water temperature, providing drivers with another visual display to warn of over heating.

Battery Monitor

A drop in battery voltage can affect the performance of your race car. Always know exactly where you are at with the units handy battery monitor.

Hour meter

Keep track of how many hours are on your engine.

Fuel gauge

Mathematically calculates approximate fuel usage to provide an estimate of onboard fuel.

Mounting bracket

Unit comes with a mounting bracket that makes cockpit installation a snap.

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